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We're looking for smart, friendly, community-oriented folks.

We have a real advantage over the big banks in our markets. We know what consumers want (don’t tell the big banks—it’s personal, friendly service from a bank that is locally run!). As community bankers, we care most about our customers, and it shows. Big banks only seem to care about their profitability, and it shows, with more fees and less personal service.

We're also looking for folks who embrace our vision.

These are our six guiding principles of community banking. We wrote these down to assure that all of our present and future directors, management, and staff remember who we are and how we operate.

Our Purpose

We will provide families, individuals and businesses of our community with a modern, full-service bank that’s unique because it’s run by local people who are meeting the area’s need for friendly, neighborly, well-run community banking.

Our Customer

Every customer will be treated as an important depositor, a shareholder and a good neighbor. They must receive the best customer service around, bar none.

Our Product

Our product is service. We help our customers save, spend, borrow and invest their money safely and wisely. If we are to be successful at community banking, we must put the welfare of our customers first. It's as simple as that.

Our Community

Our banks cannot take money from their communities without giving something back. We must be good citizens of our villages and encourage all of our employees to become involved with local events and organizations. And we must endeavor to hire employees, contract for services and buy products from our communities.

Our Employees

We must work hard to attract the brightest and nicest employees possible and let them know how critical they are to our success. The best way to attract the kind of employees we want is to offer good pay, job security, generous benefits, advancement potential, a pleasant working environment and the opportunity to be part of the team. We encourage our employees to purchase stock so that they can become owners of the bank and share in the profits they help generate.

Our Stockholders

Our stockholders are extremely important. Most of them are also customers. They have invested their trust and their beliefs, as well as their money, into the idea and future of community banks. The management, directors and staff should always work to justify that investment.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. View current employment opportunities.

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